Vale A/Prof Alasdair MacDonald, 1962-2023

It is with deep sadness that we advise our members of the tragic loss on Christmas Day, of IMSANZ Past President, friend and colleague, A/Prof Alasdair MacDonald. Alasdair had many friends within IMSANZ. His leadership, integrity, and kindness touched the lives of everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

Alasdair dedicated much of his personal and professional life to IMSANZ over the years. He first joined the IMSANZ Council in 2005 and was passionate about General Medicine and IMSANZ’s role in its expansion and had a particular interest in maintaining General Medicine as the driver of acute medicine in Australia.  His passion and leadership drove him to be elected as the IMSANZ President from September 2007 to March 2010.

Alasdair stepped down from the IMSANZ Council in September 2012, and later into the role as AMD President at the RACP, and later on the RACP Board. His contributions were many and varied during this time.

Passionate about General Medicine and IMSANZ's role, Alasdair rejoined the IMSANZ Council in September 2018 and was elected to the IMSANZ Board in September 2020.

As a Past President and a valued member of the IMSANZ Board and Council, his contributions were immeasurable, and his absence will be felt by all.  Alasdair brought a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and passion to our Society, and to the field of General Medicine as a whole.

Alasdair's wife Karen has since contacted IMSANZ and shared that IMSANZ "was an important part of Alasdair's professional development and fulfilment.  He always enjoyed his participation in your society and spoke highly of you all".

May we all find comfort in knowing the positive impact Alasdair had on our Society and the lives he touched along the way.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Alasdair's friends and family.

The Board will be looking at ways we can formally acknowledge Alasdair and his contribution to IMSANZ.

With our deepest sympathy, on behalf of the IMSANZ Board and Council.

A/Prof Doug Johnson
Leigh-anne Shannon
Chief Executive Officer